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Kobo Aura ONE 01a

Problem: Given an item in the Internet Archive, e.g. The works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, you may be tempted to download the PDF for its exactness. Admirable! However, my e-reader is horribly slow for opening it and turning pages. I find slow page turning aggravating; it makes me lose my train of thought and strains my reading comprehension.

This extra work is well worth it for me.

  • See also PDF? I haven't tested it, but I wonder if "repairing" a PDF would also help with e-reader speed.

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Kobo Aura ONE 01a

Hardware >

(on Wikipedia) [ 1 ] was

An E-book reader.

Because this is my first e-reader, I can't judge it against it's peers. It works well.

It is spectacular hardware-wise. Its software works, but it is sometimes obviously or even critically lacking. It lacking a file browser and respecting directories is bad enough that I can't really use it for its intended purpose, and almost regret buying it.

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(Well-being) Writing + Faith > The Way >

In a sense, this is The Way, of/with writing.

This, while it may seem to overlap on a number of other pages, is devoted to the concept of good advice. Be it satirical or serious, the writing in this section is intended to stir the spirit. [ 1 ] as opposed to shaking it.. heh

Write as if you are dying. -- Annie Dillard

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^ 1 as opposed to shaking it.. heh

Archivism, English > Writing >

A philosophy of mine which describes how an old work needs to be made universally contemporary by cleaning up the language in order to make it accessible to a larger audience.

See also:

  • Archivism
  • Beliefs > Hermeneutics may be described as the development and study of theories of the interpretation and understanding of texts. In contemporary usage in religious studies, hermeneutics refers to the study of the interpretation of religious texts.
  • Languages
  • On text localization

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