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(this publication date is likely incorrect, and I might be able to uncover its true date, but I won't try)

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This was written shortly after my attending the birthday party of a woman I love very much. At the time I was in tune enough to understand just enough of her inner self to know that the birthday party she was planning for herself wouldn't be as good if it she were surprized with it two hours early.

Just days after writing this it became the first hit for "surprize party" on Google and spurred my writing on for some time. More than a year later, I look to see that it's still number one. I'm shocked, but I'm glad that somehow, and for such a long time, fate continued to agree with the importance of this strange little note.

It should have probably been spelled "surprise", but I was dumb at the time. Oh well..

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There is an old expression which really does ring true; guys mean what they say, but they don't always say what they mean.

There are a few major schools of thought on the interpretation of what a guy says and what he's actually thinking or feeling. Yes, male thoughts and feelings really are different, and often a guy will fool his heart by thinking 'too much'. There are two major perspectives, in my opinion.

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