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Stellaris - (2016 game) cover

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Build and expand a space-faring race who learns they are not alone in the universe.

Master of Orion - (1993 game) but with updated graphics and a confusing interface. I expect would have loved this in the past, but now it's just awkward. I'll still tag this as 'liked', as it's pretty good. It's very hard in the eyes. Take a lot of breaks.

Extremely stupidly hard.. and confusing. I'm shelving it. I only paid $12 USD for it, so it's not a big loss.. still, I wish the UI was better and the tutorial was better and the gameplay was better..

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Tiny and Big Grandpa's Leftovers image

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Laser things, move things, push things and find your way through semi-puzzle stuff.

With an art style (and opening sequences) reminiscent of Borderlands and gameplay reminiscent of Okami, this game has a very strong initial impression on me.

Not open-world, and definitely "on rails", but it does give a lot of power to the user as to how to fart around to progress.

While overall good, the controls are wonky and cliffs are obnoxious. There should be no falling off mechanic and the game should instead dangle the player for a moment and never let them fall.

  • Properly titled Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers

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Brave is a web browser that uses components from Chrome to build a more security-conscious browser which also has an alternate advertising mechanism with revenue sharing.

Like Chrome, it's missing fundamental things.

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A straightforward and extremely powerful windows configuration tool.

Where configuring Windows involves digging through various applications and their menus, and editing the registry, by placing all the important things in one easily-navigated tool, configuring Windows becomes easy with this tool.

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A top-down shooter game which uses music to generate levels.

Absolutely fantastic! HOWEVER progress is not auto-saved! Who the fuck makes a game where you can abandon everything you've played just by pressing a button too many times?!

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Yet another DPS meter.

It can be made to work quite well. I especially like chat-tab integration.

Although it can be configured to be more simple, the fact that it's such a large/complex addon makes it vulnerable to breakage and not worth using.

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An offline version of Khan Academy.

A free lightweight solution providing high-quality education where you need it most.

Though this software is unofficial, it is known of and approved by the official website.

disliked - because it has no concept of building a larger topic of things to work on, and showing an easy path to progress through them. Needing to pick through a large number of topics, sub-topics and quizzes and then manually and repeatedly going back into that list is inexcusably frustrating.

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