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Spaceballs (1987) poster

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Primarily a parody the original Star Wars trilogy.

It technically holds up well, but there are references which wouldn't make sense to a younger person. Bits and pieces feel old, but a surprising amount of it doesn't. All in all, I can see why it was a cult classic, but it's almost entirely boring to me. 1980s comedy has a specific flavour which is really simplistic and underwhelming out of context.

Recommended as a one-off watch for those who have seen and appreciated other bubblegum 1980s comedies. Otherwise, pass on this.

Ghostbusters 2 (1989) poster

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Facing hard times, the Ghostbusters are called back into action when the city's mood dips deep into anger.

Definitely not as good as Ghostbusters (1984), but an adequate film nonetheless.

Ghostbusters (1984) image

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Failed scientists begin a ghost capturing service, and the need for their services grows, threatening all of New York city.

I don't have a lot of movies anything like this which I could consider listing as mandatory, so this one gets in pretty easily.