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The studio didn't get to keep his career.
The studio didn't get to keep his career.

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An infamous criminal hides from or fights bounty hunters for years, only to be declared the enemy of a galaxy-spanning crusade.

This comes after Riddick - (2013 movie), but isn't really a continuation as such. If you didn't like that movie, then obviously don't see this one. If you did, then this is a risky recommendation. It's definitely not the same in any way.

I didn't like it, but it's not awful or anything. Maybe the fact that I didn't take a lot of notes says something. Well maybe it says that Disgaea - Hour of Darkness - (2003 game) is more interesting to grind while watching.

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Surviving an assassination attempt but stranded on a hostile world, the eponymous anti-hero finds himself hunted for his bounty.

Decent, but I'd only recommend this for fans of the whole series. On it's own, it's not a particularly interesting movie.