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Of Silence (2014) poster

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A story about a man being a man.

A man, like all men, must "man up" instead of showing weakness. Not allowed to talk about his feelings, or ask for help, he is never diagnosed with mental disorders. When his wife dies, he is never offered and can't seek counselling. When he spirals into depression he cannot talk about it or seek help. When his disorders flare up, he again cannot ask for help. His bills unpaid, he's still required to suffer quietly until he is driven to suicide or is thrown into the streets. He can't even talk to his family. He is a man who must be a man.

A movie with no characters, no plot and no purpose. Though I wonder if it intended it, this movie supremely highlights the silent suffering men live with.

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Pi (1998) poster

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A man stares into the sun as a child, and develops superhuman powers of math, pattern recognition with a side order of paranoia etc.

I don't think this will appeal to most people, since it deal with topics only the fringe of humanity have any comprehension of. I happen to like it quite a bit, for reasons I certainly never hinted at in the previous sentence.

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