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Rakka - (2017 movie) poster

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The Earth is ruined by aliens, and survivors don't really.

It's good, but it's entire first part comes across like a visual novel and the whole short feels like an awkward intro to a full movie. It's still a fine effort but not strongly recommended. Flagged as both liked and disliked.

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Time Jumpers - (2018 movie) image

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A compilation of short films of various topics, a couple of which feature time and jumping but none of which justify this title.

Some of these might have been padded out into a passable TV-movie, but nothing is really any good.

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Quest - (1984 movie) image

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A group of people grow old and die in eight days (somehow), and have been sending people on a quest to open a distant doorway which will (somehow) return a normal timeline to them.

This is a science fiction 1980s movie in the same sense as Dune - (1984 movie) is; it's confusing when it's not abstract and thoroughly old-looking.

  • Note that it itself says it's 1983 even though IMDB says it's 1984.


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It is discovered that a person and their voice can be paired with certain words to manifest effects in the real world.

Tiring. Slow, confusing, and after 12 minutes it gets into a bit of a plot. The world has not been particularly well-explained.. giving this too little substance to hold my attention.

  • 17 minutes

The Division - Agent Origins (2016) image

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A plague hits New York and then the world, and New York operatives are activated to do stuff and things.

Not bad for a short-ish film. There are some characters who do stuff, and there is some plot-like activity. Recommended for fans of what I call the "ruined world" genre.

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Every time the beautiful Regina rejects his advances, James pushes a red button and tries again, all the while unaware of the reality and consequences of his actions.

Directed by Devon Avery.

Short and funny.