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A Slackware source-based package manager.

Easy to use.

  • NOTE - you don't have to have slpkg installed to compile a SlackBuild-supported program from source.

    • Instructions are below.
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  • Software I installed using slpkg

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Don't mistake this for the movie Alien - (1979 movie)

(on Wikipedia)

A tool to convert between package management types.

Mandatory for getting software working which does not have a maintainer for one's current distribution.

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IBM-Model-M-keyboard image
IBM Model M keyboard numlock

(those are images of the IBM Model M keyboard)
gone [ 1 ] see [ 2 ] might be removed from Debian (gone as of 2016-03-28)

A GUI program that turns NumLock on. Great for turning it on as X starts.

Why ever numlock would be turned off by default is beyond me. It's not that I can't see a use for it as a cursor pad, but it's a number pad. That's just not " use for those keys". That's their damned name!

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