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Stellaris - (2016 game) cover

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Build and expand a space-faring race who learns they are not alone in the universe.

Master of Orion - (1993 game) but with updated graphics and a confusing interface. I expect would have loved this in the past, but now it's just awkward. I'll still tag this as 'liked', as it's pretty good. It's very hard in the eyes. Take a lot of breaks.

Extremely stupidly hard.. and confusing. I'm shelving it. I only paid $12 USD for it, so it's not a big loss.. still, I wish the UI was better and the tutorial was better and the gameplay was better..

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Build ships, visit different star systems, and fight.

A remake of a flash game, where the flash game is significantly better though low-resolution.

I like it, but it's simple and feels like it needs more. At the very least it's repetitive as hell.