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Boda Secreta - (1989 movie) poster

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A man wakes up naked with amnesia and seeks out his fiance from years ago.

Not great and not recommended. It's got a shaky story and a weakly-portrayed world. Both the movie's world and the film quality are particularly low. Its acting and speech are stiff.

  • In English, the title is Secret Wedding.

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Having moved into a new place, a man gets caught in terrible circumstances when he discovers his neighbour is a research facility which built a prototype time machine.

A great movie. In the tradition of lower-budget movies, it emphasises atmosphere, writing and acting than special effects. In, in fact, has no special effects whatsoever.. and they're not missed.

Highly recommended for fans of time travel movies. For others not familiar with this sub-genre, this'll probably play like a mild mystery-horror.

  • In Spanish, Los cronocrímenes

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