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Stargate (1994) poster

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An ancient discovery in Egypt, from before the pyramids, is found to be a gateway to another world which is still kept as a slave planet by Ra, a self-appointed god who is an alien just trying to get by.

A fantastic movie. Not exactly mandatory. Perhaps elements of it don't feel like they have held up well, or maybe there has been so much excellent science fiction before, during and since its time.

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Stargate SG-1 (1997-2007) poster

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Having discovered an interplanetary teleporter, humans bumble around by sending teams through to other worlds.

Pretty good. It's definitely got the "TV series" feel to it, which explains how many seasons there are.

  • See Stargate viewing order. This series follows from Stargate - (1994 movie)

    • Watching that movie is not mandatory to watch this series.
    • This series has different actors.
  • The stylized "A" in the title (with the middle bar missing and the circle over it) is a reference to that symbol representing the Earth when programming a stargate.

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