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I didn't get very far in before I threw my hands up in disgust.

This immediately comes off as a Christian propaganda film. Girl has doubts in JEEEESUSSSSS, is uncomfortable with her friends being called bad, learns they are bad, they do bad things.. then JEEEESUSSSSS and she was totally wrong and the true way was always god and stuff and praise the lord and by the way did I say praise the lord because totes praise him.

I didn't stick around to get into that last bit. Maybe it's a dark crime comedy and stuff, but fucked if I'm going to continue watching.

  • The "just like a video game" thing should be fucking illegal to put into a movie.

After a brief debate where a vocal majority was ignored, a new law was passed which forces all pregnancy-capable girls to become expectant mothers.

Shortly after being passed, significant backlash had the law amended to allow a child's parent or guardian to elect for artificial insemination. The Catholic church has since moderated its support for this new law.

The pope was unavailable for comment, but a vocal devotee was quoted as saying

This isn't quite God's will, but it's will have to do for now.

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So I'm doing a random, levelling an unimportant alt, and lately I've decided to go DPS while I run around gathering.  I figured it was good practice since I had already done the raiding thing on a resto shaman.  I've had lots of fun.  But there's one big problem.  Blizzard anally raped the concept of assembling a team.

Let's go over some obvious stuff.

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