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The show was cancelled after two seasons, at which time I stopped caring enough that when I learned it had been un-cancelled I continued to not care.

Mr. Robot (2015-) poster

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A psychologically-disturbed young man's fantasies spiral out of control as he pursues a lunatic's dream for economic anarchy.

Fast and loose. This is one of those shows which tries to cash in on this generation's theme of general discontent. It generally fails. More-or-less entertaining.

For everyday people this is somewhat recommended. For fans of psychological stuff, and anti-corporatism, this is somewhat recommended. For people who know enough about computers but don't like psychological stuff or anti-corporatism, I do not recommend this.

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Firefly (2002) cast

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A space-western with a motley down-and-out crew struggling on the edge of a semi-dystopian planet-spanning civilization.

Easily one of the best television shows I've ever seen. I don't just consider this mandatory, I will dog people to watch it. I bought two copies of this series just to give one away.

Let me stress this. This is a series so good that even after cancellation there was enough popularity to produce a movie. A movie for a cancelled series. The only one I've ever heard of. Serenity - (2005 movie) is itself mandatory viewing for those who have enjoyed Firefly.

Mandatory viewing. I have been brought to tears more than once.

  • Continues with Serenity - (2005 movie)

    • Serenity uses the same characters in the same world, but is not meant to progress story arcs from the series.

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