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A capable and fast programmer's editor.

It's capable and fast, but not being able to disable the recent files list is a killer for me.

  • Portable only, but it has an installer so you can easily right-click and open files in it.

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A straightforward and capable Windows text editor which also has a portable version.

This seems like a nice daily driver for little things. I shouldn't replace Geany with it though since I want something cross-platform.

It's really stupid that it doesn't have configurable shortcuts unless I want to compile it from source.

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(on Google Play)

A competent text editor with tabbing and syntax highlighting in many languages.

I tested version 1 and 2 of this. Version 2 shows promise but can't use external files.

  • Abandoned - Not updated in three years and has outstanding bugs.

  • External storage access optional

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