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Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time - (2010 movie) poster

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A street urchin is adopted into royalty to become an unusual prince in the unusual circumstances of his day;

A bubblegum movie. Pretty and decently-engaging.

  • Properly titled Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

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Avengers - Endgame - (2019 movie) image

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An unlikely time-traveler reappears to help defeat a warlord who had unmade half the population of Earth five years ago.


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Groundhog Day (1993) poster

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An asshole anchorman is sent to a little town to do a fluff story on Groundhog Day, but karma bites him in the ass when the town gets snowed-in.

A fantastic movie not just for the usual things, but for the execution of its idea. Unlike so many movies that have its elements, this one stays grounded and accessible. This movie is well-loved and highly recommended.

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Future Man - (2017 show) image

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Time travellers recruit an everyman to help save their world.

Crude and un-funny.

Timeline - (1999 book) cover

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Archaeologists discover the site they're working on is surrounded by land owned by their funder, a rich technology company, which is even more interested in it than they.

A riveting book that escalates into a great pace by its middle, and had me turning pages until I finished that latter half in one afternoon. The end chapter is an embarrassingly-bad wrap-up though, which was saddening, but it did not ruin the story.

Highly-recommended. This book has turned me back into a reader.

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