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Problem: A USB stick cannot boot with any of Porteus, the boot-repair LiveUSB, or SystemRescueCD. It used to be bootable with Porteus, and before that it could boot with other Linux LiveUSB distributions.

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During my recent Linux distributions experimentation, I noticed a few times that Windows 8.1 would no longer "see" a particular USB stick I was using. It would appear within the device list, would test correctly but would not appear in the left-hand pane in explorer.

I learned that this was because one or more of the distributions I was testing would, for unfathomable reasons, prep the USB stick strangely.

Why Windows wouldn't just offer to format the stick is unknown to me.

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So I wanted to get City of Heroes installed to try it out. I've been bored of World of Warcraft for the longest time, and a superhero-based game has been sounding like fun for some time now.

At this point neither Diablo 3 nor Star Wars: The Old Republic were out. I just needed something to do.

But for some odd reason I could not get City of Heroes to work. It was definitely a DirectX issue, except DirectX refused to install! Hopefully someone out there can benefit from the hell I went through, and my notes would be useful..

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