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A girl is digitized, becoming a valuable commodity for people seeking power and immortality.

This might be interesting for fans of science fiction history, but it's dumb in too many places for me to enjoy it.

If you end up watching this, here are my edited Andromedia subtitles.

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my fork
Issue tracker:

Reconfigures for your action bars. It retains the design of the standard interface, which reduces the screen clutter.

An absolutely spectacular simplification of the UI.

  • Brings three of your bars to the middle.
  • Brings the remaining two bars to the right-hand side, and hides them unless your mouse is over that area.
  • Takes the blizzard stuff, and hides it in the bottom-right corner unless your mouse is over that area.

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TODO - Is this out in blu-ray?

She looks even better when wet.
She looks even better when wet.

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A girl, engineered to be a killer, flees her keepers, but as a woman she pursues general vigilante justice by helping a crime-fighting genius.

This series hits the ground running, featuring not just a stupifyingly hot Jessica Alba, but a great world, plot and everything else.

However, like too many series', Dark Angel suicide-bombs like it's been lit on fire and is heading for a volcano to end it's suffering. Not only is the second season bad enough to end the show, it's bad enough to not watch, even and especially for people who like the first.

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TRY HARDER - absorb ancient notes into more modern notes, and separate them by dates.

TODO - Is this out in blu-ray?

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Unfrozen after 300 years, the captain of the most powerful ship in existence moves to rebuild his fallen Commonwealth with the help of a rag-tag group of civilians.

This series is high quality with a light (sometimes cheesy) mood. Although I can say I love this series, it definitely takes a nosedive later in its life, and absolutely fails miserably in its final "wrap-up" season. It's like these writers sabotage their own work.

Upon re-watching this, I can say that I do enjoy it, but it's definitely pulp/drama as opposed to being actually-awesome. There are some layers to it, but its general theme of being "fun" gets in the way too frequently to have those subtle moments elevate the rest of it.

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this needs to be cleaned up


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A version control system of some note.

I use it, not that I know what I'm doing.

See also:

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Philosophy in the Flesh - (1999 book), by Lakoff, Johnson image

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To read

This book is mind blowing. I think the best description I can give of what it's topic and goals are is to present the first chapter, in full. From here I think anyone interested in the subject will understand fully where this book is going and the intentions of the authors.

  • Properly titled Philosophy in the Flesh: The Embodied Mind and its Challenge to Western Thought
  • By George Lakoff and Mark Johnson.

  • ISBN-10 0-465-05674-1

  • TODO - The various Wikipedia topics would need references to cognitive philosophy as a contraindication to the various topics, and in those topics to specifically cite passages in the introduction in this book.
  • TODO - Finish the linking.

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