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Creates a UI and adds notifications for the trains in the Operator Thogar fight.

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Modifies item tooltips to display the number of items on alts.

Does not highlight the current character's item!

  • /bgs

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A bag/bank addon notable for its pre-configured categories and ability to "thin down" the list of inventory items.

Not especially awesome, and it's a far cry from what ArkInventory can do, but it's simple and fast.

BagSync is recommended as a companion, since AdiBags knows/shows nothing about what's in one's bank or on alts.

  • TODO - figure out how to order the categories in their list. I'm sick of things being inconsistent and bouncing around.

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FIXME - The initial blink works, but the overlay does not.

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Displays a Gears of War-style cog associated with character health. The more wounded the character, the more the cog displays.

I was living without this for some time, but it turns out the Blizzard-style indicator is too subtle for me in the heat of combat.

  • GearHUDPower was made from an earlier version of GearHUD, but for mana.

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Broker Plugin for your Broker Launchers.

Yes, it's very meta. It allows one to clean shit up, taking all the broker addons that would be scattered across your LibDataBroker bar(s) and put them neatly in a dropdown list.

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my fork https://github.com/spiralofhope/TidyBar
Issue tracker: https://github.com/spiralofhope/TidyBar/issues

Reconfigures for your action bars. It retains the design of the standard interface, which reduces the screen clutter.

An absolutely spectacular simplification of the UI.

  • Brings three of your bars to the middle.
  • Brings the remaining two bars to the right-hand side, and hides them unless your mouse is over that area.
  • Takes the blizzard stuff, and hides it in the bottom-right corner unless your mouse is over that area.

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TODO - this needs a screenshot of raid frames.

RoleIcons image

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Adds a Tank/Heal/DPS logo into raid frames and tooltips.

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