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64bit Linux finally happened for me.

There were a few stumbling blocks, most of which involved the general hesitation I had with stepping away from so much software I was relying on.  But now that I've seen how trivial recompiling is, and most especially because Macromedia Adobe Flash has an alpha out for Linux.

Yeah, an alpha.  But I couldn't tell.  Way back when, there were 32bit betas which were horrific.

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Well, I got schooled with all kinds of bootloader and install issues I was having with Unity Linux 0.99-alpha2.

Boy did I get into trouble.  I took three pages of notes before I finally managed to scrap 0.99-alpha2 and get 0.99-alpha1 working again.

It's mostly a problem of my lack of understanding too.  I'll need to take another pass at the whole affair after reading some advice I got.  I know how I'll do things differently next time.

I hope to get into it later this week, although docs are a higher priority at this point since I've left things on auto-pilot for a while.. i.e. nobody was doing anything.