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Footnotes Made Easy icon-128x128

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A simple footnotes plugin which uses the (( syntax.

Great, but abandoned and so I'll have to look for a replacment.

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Blackhole for Bad Bots icon

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Bots trigger a block trap when they ignore a robots.txt block request.

REMOVED - Erratically blocks The Internet Archive Wayback Machine

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Kobo Aura ONE 01a

Problem: Given an item in the Internet Archive, e.g. The works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, you may be tempted to download the PDF for its exactness. Admirable! However, my e-reader is horribly slow for opening it and turning pages. I find slow page turning aggravating; it makes me lose my train of thought and strains my reading comprehension.

Solution: Download a different format of individual images, bulk-scale them down exactly to your device's screen, then package the images back into one single file.

This extra work is well worth it for me.

  • TODO - See also PDF? I haven't tested it, but I wonder if "repairing" a PDF would also help with e-reader speed.

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