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Disambiguation: No relation to ShareX, the screencasting software.

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Share files offline.

I couldn't figure it out.

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A utility (primarily) for those with multiple monitors.

I got it to stretch my bottom bar across into the other screen, and it also has a feature to fix alt-tab so it only shows/includes the current desktop. Also of interest is putting a proper screensaver on alternate monitors.

It has a huge array of features. Of note is a configuration backup/restore feature, so I don't have to make any notes on it.

I'm using the for-pay standard version, and can't review the without-cost version. So while I can say I highly recommend this, I don't think it's really valuable to recommend something with a price tag.

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A remote controlling program which also brings your phone's functionality to your desktop, including launching it's applications.

It uses a screencasting method, just sending video. It's low quality; just use Samsung DeX.

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