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Vampires and lichen lychen lycan werewolves continue their centuries-long war, but the werewolves seek to gain the upper hand in hunting down a particular human.

A great movie which would be well-loved except for the unexplained, unnecessary and horrifying coloured contacts and occasional plot holes. Oh, and a more convincing main bad guy. Hot actors and convincing characters.. that about sums up my expectations for bubblegum action movies like this.

  • I have two versions, but I seem to have misplaced one. =(


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Blade meets other vampire hunters who are working against vampire plans to resurrect the progenitor vampire to try to make better vampires. Again.

A mediocre movie. For big fans of the first two, this is recommended. For people who found the first one okay and the second one merely passable, this can be safely skipped.

For fans of either of Jessica Biel or Ryan Reynolds, this is a look into their future movies.

  • Properly titled Blade: Trinity

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