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A meal replacement beverage.

The ~2023-05-01 cocoa version is not good enough.

The 2019-07-26 cocoa version is like drinking chocolate ice cream, including the gummy mouth feel afterwards. It's definitely only a "treat" and not a meal replacement.

The 2019-07-26 vanilla has a definite flavor but is definitely tame. It also suffers from the mouth feel problem, which I think would be a problem for narration and singing.

See Soylent for a lot of notes which also apply to this product.

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Date squares are a simple starter recipe which require little knowledge, few tools, few and cheap ingredients and very little bravery.

The payoff is big! This makes a great, sweet, dessert.

Although this is quite thorough, there are subtleties you will need to discover for yourself. I will not be sharing my secrets!

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A meal replacement beverage.

A hands-down spectacular idea and implementation. I ate Soylent for months, and have even eaten it both as a snack, then a meal, and then as my only food. Highly recommended, not just for diet or general health but for lifestyle.

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This is a very unintimidating recipe for an inexperienced baker. The ingredients are very common, simple to work with and healthy. No sugar is added, which I like.

This kind of recipe directly leads into using more fruits and vegetables in baking. I could easily see shredded carrots in a similar recipe.

This is like a good oatmeal, but in cookie form. I've eaten this for breakfast!

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