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SMPlayer is yet another front end for the famous and awesome media player MPlayer. Well, it would be awesome if it wasn't so UNIX-like that it desperately needed to have a front end made. Still, it's awesome now that it has a real one.

A frontend for MPlayer.

I use this to supplement VLC

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This program makes no sense. It should be considered a library. Don't install it and try to do anything with it.

2020-11-14 -- It is GUI-less! It uses a frontend like Kdenlive.

  • acronym: Piave is a video editor
  • Abandoned: As of 2020-11-14 it hasn't been updated since 2004-03-07 (0.2.4)

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Pretty much the de-facto video player on Linux, as it comes with most Linux distributions. It can play both audio and video, and works at the commandline.

Although it's great, it's a last resort compared to other audio playing software.

Although it can play without one, the common frontends are:

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Chocolatey: vlc

The king of video players.

On Windows, this is especially-king because the user doesn't have to figure out and download various shady codecs.

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