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Yet another VoIP client.

A clumsy "pretends to be pretty" interface, but it seems reasonable enough. Definitely not better than Mumble for the basics.

It might be better-suited for large groups, or because it has a free server, or some other thing I haven't discovered. I'll keep it in my toolbox, but I don't really like it.

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A ubiquitous VoIP, webcamming and instant messager client.

I only use Skype when other people need me to use it.

  • Talking about a version is pretty pointless since it forces updates these days.
  • Skype is not trustworthy

    • A while back (pre-Microsoft), Skype for Linux was caught reading the system's password file.
    • After purchasing Skype, Microsoft applied for a traffic-interception patent.
  • Skype leaks one's IP address when making a call to contacts.

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A VoIP client.

Particularly awesome not just because of it's spectacular quality, but because it's free (client and server), and forces all of its users to fix their fucking microphone settings so everyone else doesn't have to constantly fiddle with their per-user volume.

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