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Yet another VoIP client.

A clumsy "pretends to be pretty" interface, but it seems reasonable enough. Definitely not better than Mumble for the basics.

It might be better-suited for large groups, or because it has a free server, or some other thing I haven't discovered. I'll keep it in my toolbox, but I don't really like it.

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A VoIP client.

Particularly awesome not just because of it's spectacular quality, but because it's free (client and server), and forces all of its users to fix their fucking microphone settings so everyone else doesn't have to constantly fiddle with their per-user volume.

You can also run your own server "Murmur".

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  • aka Vent
  • I've since switched to Mumble.
  • Mangler is an open source vent client for Linux.

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https://github.com/pi0/mangler [ 1 ] was www.mangler.org

The linux alternative to Ventrilo.

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^ 1 was www.mangler.org



You still need something the bridge the IP and PSTN (telephone) worlds. That's what Skype-out is. That's what Vonnage is (if you strip out the crap).

  • Trixbox enables even the novice user to quickly set up a voice over IP phone system. Trixbox can be configured to handle a single phone line for a home user, several lines for a small office, or several T1s for a million minute a month call center.

Supposed to support video conferencing.