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A web browser compiled from the released source of Google Chrome.

It's simplicity is overdone to the point of losing functionality. Some of its preferences are so wrong that I can't use it, and because it's inflexible I can't fix their mistakes.

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Tor can be thought of like a secure proxy.

I experimented with it during my research on Replacing Firefox.

UPDATE: Tor has been subverted for some time. I know when and how, with confirmation, but not by whom.

It must not be used for high-level security requirements (governmental, military, international) and probably even mid-level requirements (corporate, police). Little people using it as a proxy are fine.

Don't do anything illegal with it if you're within three degrees of a Bad Guy. So.. don't use it for anything illegal. Remember that PRISM records everything, so that, once flagged, you can be found retroactively guilty (even by association) for past internet usage.

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TODO - add patch notes

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A fast, open source, cross-platform Web browser based on the Links web browser.

Where Lynx is the standard console web browser for most Linux distributions and is complete shit, Links is fucking awesome.

I had used this for some time but abandoned it for a while. I'll try it again eventually.

  • aka Twibright Labs: Links
  • aka Links2
  • I have a note that says a page can be downloaded from the commandline with links (just like wget).

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