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To get the best picture, one needs more than a high-quality webcam. Lighting is important.

A bad webcam with great lighting is better than a great webcam with bad lighting.


  • Two light sources.
  • Positioned behind the camera, to the left and right.
  • As far back as possible, at about 45 degrees, pointed right at the subject.
  • As bright as possible, but "softened", using a good light bulb, a light box, a filter, or reflecting.

Two desk lamps and your ceiling light is a basic start. Those and another two lamps pointed at the wall behind the camera would be a great start.

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Many streaming websites allow one to sell clips, and that should be good enough for most. Keeping ones modelling job simple lets one focus on being a better performer and not be overwhelmed.

However, at some point, a successful webcam model may want to branch out from their streaming website(s) and sell goods and videos themselves. Perhaps there is more profit in it, or they are packaging a whole-website experience.

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  • Some stores don't ship to your country.
  • Receiving a gift is great, but receiving it from a stranger is worrying because it's a breach of privacy.

This project was originally thought about from the perspective of a webcam model, but I'm thinking about it from the perspective of shipping Soylent from the United States to Canada.

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I have more notes which I will eventually get around to retiring into these pages.


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(on Wikipedia)

This was a project to understand why live streaming is so popular.

There is also very little information out there which targets males, so I decided to do some digging to learn more. I ended up needing to adapt female-centric writings to extract things which are gender-neutral, rewrite things so they are more presentable to a male or just write my own stuff.

While interesting, this was a side-project I lightly researched ending in August 2015, but never pursued.

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