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IPEVO VZ-R image

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A document camera.

On-device buttons, optical zoom, native H.264 hardware.

Garbage; do not buy this overpriced toy. It's only "good" because it comes with a stand, but newer webcams are coming out with the threading for mounting to a simple $20 stand.

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I have more notes which I will eventually get around to retiring into these pages.


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(on Wikipedia)

This was a project to understand why live streaming is so popular.

There is also very little information out there which targets males, so I decided to do some digging to learn more. I ended up needing to adapt female-centric writings to extract things which are gender-neutral, rewrite things so they are more presentable to a male or just write my own stuff.

While interesting, this was a side-project I lightly researched ending in August 2015, but never pursued.

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Logitech C615, 2

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Logitech C525, 2

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