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An personal information collection website which rewards with a trickle of money.

I found surveys which were broken, offers which were suspect, items which wanted my credit card information or to install random software. Overall, the hype that others give this website makes me think less of humanity.

After this glance, I expect I'll be getting a lot of junk mail. Sigh.

Many streaming websites allow one to sell clips, and that should be good enough for most. Keeping ones modelling job simple lets one focus on being a better performer and not be overwhelmed.

However, at some point, a successful webcam model may want to branch out from their streaming website(s) and sell goods and videos themselves. Perhaps there is more profit in it, or they are packaging a whole-website experience.

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If "down", try

A video listing website.

Unfortunately, and as far as I can tell, every video streaming website they list has a maximum of 480p quality. It's passible for basic reviews and in lieu of a for-pay streaming service, but one must remember that hard-media purchases give not just proper quality but bonus features like commentaries.

While there are other such services, this one seems reasonably complete and has an active userbase. If you know of a better or supplementary service, please contact me.

Note: This website is blocked in the UK. See List of websites blocked in the United Kingdom. That looks like a great list to find other websites.

I think this is also:

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