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A web browser and feed reader.

  • Originally called Phoenix, then Firebird.

    • Yes, I used it way back then.
  • Shares some code with Thunderbird

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http://materm.sourceforge.net/wiki/pmwiki.php [ 1 ] was http://materm.sourceforge.net/

A terminal emulator which allows tabs.

I could just use Screen, but mrxvt is so much easier to use. =)

  • aka materm
  • See also: rxvt-unicode (rxvt), which is also definitely light.

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notecase_1.4.5 on the Sharp Zaurus

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A cross-platform hierarchical note-taking program.

Seems fair, but I'm using it like I would use multiple files opened with Kate.

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A straightforward but powerful window manager.

Openbox has been my window manager of choice for years now. Over that time, I've amassed some significant knowledge which I'll try to maintain here.
A component of LXDE.

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vi is a textmode editor. It's so bad even the author regrets it.

For some fucking reason, Linux distributions almost all include it by default.

The only editor I know of which can handle huge files. So horribly horrible though. =(

  • Ruby-capable, I hear.

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more coming later

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https://invisible-island.net/xterm/ [ 1 ] was https://web.archive.org/*/http://invisible-island.net/xterm/xterm.html

A terminal emulator.

Essential for its compatibility. It also comes with every Linux distribution I've used.

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An email client.

POP3, APOP, IMAP4rev1, mh, SMTP, SMTP AUTH, NNTP, SSL/TLS, OpenPGP, external editors, filtering, muliple identities. Good multilanguage and character set support.

Sylpheed is bafflingly bad in places, and Claws Mail was a welcome improvement. This relationship reminds me a lot of PCManFM versus PCManFM-mod (which later became SpaceFM).

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