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Van Helsing - (2004 movie) poster

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An unaged man without a memory is sent by a secret multifaith order of monster hunters as the last hope of a lineage doomed to purgatory unless they slay the lord of all vampires.

Not a great or bad movie, but still good enough to be worth watching. It's mostly interesting because of its main character, and the rest of it is piecemeal and without particular substance.

I think this movie was my initial introduction to Kate Beckinsale, and it turns out she's a lot hotter in my memory than in this actual movie. Maybe she was better-presented in the next movies of hers that I saw after this.

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Underworld (2003) poster

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Vampires and lichen lychen lycan werewolves continue their centuries-long war, but the werewolves seek to gain the upper hand in hunting down a particular human.

A great movie which would be well-loved except for the unexplained, unnecessary and horrifying coloured contacts and occasional plot holes. Oh, and a more convincing main bad guy. Hot actors and convincing characters.. that about sums up my expectations for bubblegum action movies like this.

  • I have two versions, but I seem to have misplaced one. =(

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