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this needs to be reworked and re-tested


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Implements a Creole-like markup language for WordPress.

Abandoned; RIP this blog. See Why I will move away from WordPress, guaranteed, RIP BlogText.

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MediaWiki is an extremely popular website engine, a Wiki, most famed for its use on Wikipedia.

These notes are old; the last version I used was MediaWiki version 1.15.1

See also MediaWiki reviews for a peek into the rabbit hole of my history with it.

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I liked it, but it hated me and had horrible bugs.

I tried Instiki because I wanted to learn to program in Ruby and so I thought I could contribute. However, my creativity was badly maimed by the beta-ness of the project as well as a horrific "rollback" data loss issue. These were issues so horrific that the project should have been halted. Sure, the developer had things to do, but in my mind there was no excuse. I was frustrated enough to delete my entire installation, including some of my original work. Among the things deleted was an article I wrote with a simple resolution to the "Slashdot effect". Sigh.

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