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Deadpool learns that his murder-spree has a consequence, and when his coin and a teddy bear struggle, a time machine lights fists on fire or something. Also X-Force.

Fucking awful.

  1. Deadpool - (2016 movie)
  2. Deadpool 2 - (2018 movie)

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As a commentary on Edward Snowden or WikiLeaks or some such, a list, that somehow exists, is out in the clear and being hunted by various spies.

It would have made a huge difference had this not been portrayed as a flashback/debriefing. Because of this complete failure in storytelling, there was no sense of risk at all; an important part of a spy movie like this.

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Waking from long hibernation, a woman claims to be the survivor of an alien attack from a planetoid which has since become a terraforming colony.

A direct descendent of Alien - (1979 movie), this movie not only builds on but improves on the movie, turning this into a blockbuster franchise.

  1. Alien - (1979 movie)
  2. Aliens - (1986 movie)
  3. Alien 3 - (1992 movie)
  4. Alien - Resurrection - (1997 movie)

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Willow - (1988 movie) poster

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An evil sorcerer queen hunts a baby who's prophesied to kill her, but the baby is being spirited away by a pair of unlikely heroes: A scoundrel and a gnome.

Fun as hell. Mandatory viewing.

TODO - To watch with commentary and all the bonus material.

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