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These notes are from before I strictly kept dates and version numbers.

  • Unknown - Originally taken as notes in a text file with no dates kept
  • Early 2000s - Imported into a content management system.
  • 2003 - Imported into another content management system.
  • 2017-07-14 - Brought here.

The most recent of these lists notes that I was using Windows 3.11 (not for workgroups), placing these deep in history. I may not have been using Windows 95 on the year of its release, so these notes would be safely placed in the 1995-1997 range.

However, one notes Opera version 4.02. The Opera version history states that 4.02 was released 2000-08-04, and that 5.00 was released 2000-12-06, placing these notes between those dates.

These notes show just how long I've been taking notes, and give some insight into my early processes and ideas. Some ideas here are early precursors to what's been implemented in contemporary web browsers.

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