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A while back, I experienced all manner of issues.

Interestingly, Linux didn't give a flying fuck and never even hiccuped once. This is why I initially thought I had an issue with Windows 8.1. Go Linux go.

I rebooted into some specialized memory testing to prove I had memory issues.

I was working on building an entirely new system and had started with a case and power supply replacement. Apparently I had damage to my earlier power supply, because, after I replaced it, all my issues magically went away.

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During my recent Linux distributions experimentation, I noticed a few times that Windows 8.1 would no longer "see" a particular USB stick I was using. It would appear within the device list, would test correctly but would not appear in the left-hand pane in explorer.

I learned that this was because one or more of the distributions I was testing would, for unfathomable reasons, prep the USB stick strangely.

Why Windows wouldn't just offer to format the stick is unknown to me.

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This is a fairly complete HOWTO for modifying Windows 8.1 so it's sensible and "oldschool".

I want to remove all of that fancy new shit and make it look and work more like the earlier versions of Windows, e.g. Windows XP.

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