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RT-MWK08 1

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A 92-key wireless keyboard+mouse combination.

With a lithium-ion battery and charging cable, broad compatibility and tiny-but-functional size, this is an inexpensive and handy device.

  • mouse: HID\VID_046D&PID_C01B\6&a742701&1&0000
  • keyboard: HID\VID_413C&PID_2003\6&34a825d5&0&0000
  • Although the box is labelled RT-MWK08, there is no indication of this being a "Rii"
  • Not well tested, but strongly triggers MF sensitivity in my left hand.
  • There are alternate versions of this keyboard: colours, Russian character set, and a 2x AA battery-operated one.
  • I did not require a driver installation for Windows 10.

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was kickstarter.com/projects/tiko3d/tiko-the-unibody-3d-printer

Tiko is a unibody 3d printer which I backed.

To get this working, I had to really push hard to get the filament to load. This was a frustrating first experience. I was then entirely unimpressed with the quality of its prints, even after a lot of fiddling.

Later, when I returned to use it, it seems that filament has snapped off inside it, and it thinks its loaded and will not load new filament. Heating does not remove it. I fiddled a lot, once more.. I'm giving up on it, it's garbage.

I did end up fixing it.. after giving it away.

See Tiko first impressions. It fails, hard.

  • It requires a wireless internet connection.
  • You require a wireless connection to it.

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