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this needs to be reworked and re-tested


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Implements a Creole-like markup language for WordPress.

Abandoned; RIP this blog. See Why I will move away from WordPress, guaranteed, RIP BlogText.

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Security Header Generator icon

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Adds various security headers into your blog to appease checkers and possibly improve SEO.

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ideastocode - Enable SVG, WebP & ICO Upload

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Exactly as its titled; enables WordPress SVG support, .webp and .ico

//disabled, WP Toolkit detects security issues

  • SVG Support has more advanced features, such as defence against XSS and Injection attacks.

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Background Link Checker image

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A tool to make it ridiculously easy to not just find and edit broken links, but has other features to apply to them, like changing their style.

Recommended by Internet Archive, which is good enough for me.

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