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A heavily-modified World of Warcraft which removes the concept of classes, allowing the player to pick-and-choose abilities to create their own unique character. Another server has a random selection+choice concept which is very fun.

Has various challenge modes and the ability to rework a character back to level one for a reward.

While lacking some bits and pieces of convenience, it's really quite good. Has some expensive pay-to-win. It's ultimately not good because it has bonus experience available to all the players so there's no actual authentic world, it's just a bunch of overpowered characters smashing through everything; fail. Or play it single-player if you'd like..

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World of Warcraft 1 (Vanilla) revisited.

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A warrior race escapes a decaying world by invading a new one.

I hold no strong opinion of this. It's .. mediocre.

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World of Warcraft - Penance

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This is a second look at World of Warcraft pre-7.0 Discipline Priests, now that I've had World of Warcraft pre-7.0, a second look and some time has passed.

Summary: There is literally no way to understand any class or spec. This document is an exercise in futility.

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