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World of Warcraft - Penance

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This is a second look at World of Warcraft pre-7.0 Discipline Priests, now that I've had World of Warcraft pre-7.0, a second look and some time has passed.

Summary: There is literally no way to understand any class or spec. This document is an exercise in futility.

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A workaround for broken raid frames when a player leaves or joins the raid in combat.

Absolutely mandatory for healers.

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World of Warcraft - Penance

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I do mid-range raid healing. Nothing mythic, and heroic is still a challenge.

With that in mind, I get complemented on my healing. My presence and tactics are regularly the difference between success and a wipe.

.. but people don't understand what healing is, what the numbers mean, and what "good" means.

While I'm pleased to get complements, especially from other healers, I don't think many people understand what's going on.. even other healers. Their complement is somewhat meaningless, and for another healer to complement me worries me that they think less of themselves.

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World of Warcraft, discipline priests.

You look at your meters.  Healing done shows your discipline priest at the bottom of the list.  That's good!  It means your other healers are pulling their weight.  The day a discipline priest outperforms a traditional healer in healing done is the day you send them home to retrain.  Or maybe they were wearing their RP gear set to the raid?

You look at your healing + absorbs meters, and your discipline priest's numbers are so beyond the next healer down that there is absolutely no comparison .  What gives?  Is something wrong?  No, with numbers like that your Discipline Priest is simply doing their job correctly.  It isn't even an indication of that Discipline Priest being "better" than any other healer on your team!

You cannot compare an absorber with your traditional healers. I'll explain.

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