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my fork

  • Create an unlimited number and unlimited length of macros, floating macros and Lua scripts.
  • Create button macros: 36 global and 18 character-specific for each character.
  • Share macros in-game.


  • /sdm

See also _DevPad for script functionality.

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World of Warcraft - Prayer of Mending

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(Prayer of Mending)

In L2Disc - An overview of Discipline Priest raiding, I mentioned that I wanted an AddOn which can track my Prayer of Mending.  Specifically, I want to know when I should be casting it so it's bouncing around out in the field.

Some people don't care, because they regularly re-cast it.  I find this rather inefficient, although I do see how it can be annoying to have the mending "stuck" on some too-rarely-damaged pet.

Other people talk about having HealBot or Grid display a Prayer of Mending icon.  This isn't useful at all to me, because it doesn't notify me when it's absent - there's just too much stuff going on for me to deal with scanning 25 raid positions for that icon.  On top of that, could I even configure either of them to deal with multiple instances of Prayer of Mending bouncing around, cast by multiple Priests?  Probably not.  Besides, I really despise both of those AddOns and I won't use them so I'm not going to stress over this.

So I need some other solution.  This sounds like a common problem, and one which is interesting for a programmer to solve.. so there must be something out there, right?  Well not really.

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