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Changes several of the popup dialogs to not close when hitting the Escape key.

  • Abandoned; as of 2020-10-05 last updated 2015-06-28

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Super Duper Macro image 3

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my fork

  • Create an unlimited number and unlimited length of macros, floating macros and Lua scripts.
  • Create button macros: 36 global and 18 character-specific for each character.
  • Share macros in-game.


  • /sdm

See also _DevPad for script functionality.

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Macro Toolkit 1

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  • Macro Shortening
  • Key Binding and key bind only macros
  • Extended Macros
  • Condition Builder
  • Extended, Searchable Icon Frame
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Syntax Checking
  • Insert Special commands
  • Easy Slot Selection
  • Backup / Restore
  • Macro sharing
  • Add Custom Slash Sommands
  • Slash Commands for Common Lua Script Functions
  • Copy macros between characters

Not used because it Breaks Super Duper Macro. I remember giving it a reasonable try and just not liking it in comparison to Super Duper Macro.

Seems to work for Legion

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A simple error manager. When an error is caught it will blink a small minimap icon to inform you. Clicking the icon opens a panel listing all errors. Clicking an error shows a full stack trace, handy to copy/paste into a bug report.

You can also access the panel via an LDB launcher or by typing /err or /tekerr

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my forks

An in-game text editor and addon authoring tool (Lua).

Keep notes with it, write Lua scripts, or prototype addon concepts in its trimmed down development environment. Organize your scripts into folders and share them with other _DevPad users. Scripts can run automatically on login like mini addons, and can call each other like libraries or dependencies.

An absolutely spectacular AddOn that I'm not sure I can live without.

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(on Wikipedia)

A programming language of some note.

I had some small interest in this language, primarily because it's used for World of Warcraft addon programming and general scripting , but I ended up losing interest in it and in programming in general.


World of Warcraft > AddOns > [ 1 ] was

Gives the user a chance to run scripts that can not fit into a Macro.

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UPDATE: This is obsolete: World of Warcraft now supports multiple tracking types simultaneously.

I had a character who was both a miner and an herbalist. At the time, World of Warcraft only supported the use of one tracking type at a time.

I wanted to occasionally swap between the two tracking types. What follows are some rough notes copied from various sources.

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