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Deadpool learns that his murder-spree has a consequence, and when his coin and a teddy bear struggle, a time machine lights fists on fire or something. Also X-Force.

Fucking awful.

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Logan (Wolverine) gets tangled up with a girl fleeing a mutant research and breeding lab that is definitely nothing like that of Dark Angel - (2000 show).

Not recommended.

This is like a DC version of X-Men. It was passable at best, and a good way to put the whole series and concept of comic book movies to bed. I think I'll end them all on this low note.

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Deadpool (2006) poster

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Dying of cancer, a dishonourably-discharged special forces soldier submits to experimentation to save his life, which was actually to enslave him and resulted in mutant powers with a scarring side effect, forcing him to hunt down his creator for both revenge and the cure.

An adequate movie on-par with the other adequate superhero movies. This has some significant laugh-out-loud moments, and with a lot of blood and cursing to make it an R-rated movie, it rides on the ho-hum samey-same superhero movie trend all the way to success.

Features nothing new or interesting in the expanded universe. In fact, involves nothing from any other movie whatsoever.

Recommended for those who are hipster for the "superhero genre" movie trend.

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An Old One is awakened, and renews his takeover of the world.. except we already know the good guys win because this takes place in the 80s and a past movie, set in the then-future, has an intact world with all characters accounted for.

A standard superhero movie, with nothing particularly interesting. Extremely confusing given that this is a sequel to a sequel to a prequel or some shit.

I would have done a few things different, and even a few subtle changes would have made this movie a hell of a lot better.

Definitely pass on this unless you're really into this particular series.

  • Properly titled X-Men: Apocalypse

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X-Men - Days of Future Past (2014) poster

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