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A cross-browser script that adds a button to download YouTube videos as MP4 and FLV files. This script downloads the videos directly from YouTube and it integrates with YouTube's interface.

It creates a button under the video, to the left of "Add to"


Given a YouTube or Vimeo URL, downloads the underlying video file, with a sensible file name. It downloads the highest resolution version of the video available: first it tries HD MP4, then regular MP4, then WebM, and finally FLV. It also works on playlists, and works as a bookmarklet[doesn't exist] to download the video you're watching.

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Try harder - This is probably work tinkering with a little more.

Complete YouTube Saver icon

5.6.32 tested 2015-11-15, on Pale Moon 25.7.3 (x64), on Windows 10, updated automatically.

I don't know how to use this. There is no toolbar icon available. Presumably this is a Pale Moon issue.

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Back in the day, I had been subscribed to so many YouTube channels that they didn't have the functionality to show me all of the new videos.

I'm also seriously annoyed with having videos and channels "go missing" because of takedowns, bannings and closures. YouTube doesn't even give you the author or name of a video when it's removed.

The solution was to locally cache at least the basics of the information. If I had my way, all of the videos would be downloaded too, but that's too extreme even for me. I also think my ISP would have a fit.

Getting this information can be done via RSS.. at least while YouTube still supports such a thing. My last experiences with RSS and YouTube are found in rss2email, and a rant on usability-apathy.

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