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Downloads the comments on YouTube videos.

Used to be available at but that IP got banned because of overuse.

WARNING - Do not overuse this program, or maybe you will get IP-banned.

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A cross-browser script that adds a button to download YouTube videos as MP4 and FLV files. This script downloads the videos directly from YouTube and it integrates with YouTube's interface.

It creates a button under the video, to the left of "Add to"


Given a YouTube or Vimeo URL, downloads the underlying video file, with a sensible file name. It downloads the highest resolution version of the video available: first it tries HD MP4, then regular MP4, then WebM, and finally FLV. It also works on playlists, and works as a bookmarklet[doesn't exist] to download the video you're watching.

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Try harder - This is probably worth tinkering with a little more.

Complete YouTube Saver icon

5.6.32 tested 2015-11-15, on Pale Moon 25.7.3 (x64), on Windows 10, updated automatically.

I don't know how to use this. There is no toolbar icon available. Presumably this is a Pale Moon issue.

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