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I have nothing but positive things to say about this game. Except for the negative things.

I haven't done a proper review, and might bother some time later.

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A remote controlling program which also brings your phone's functionality to your desktop, including launching it's applications.

Mysteriously portrait-only, so it's really not that useful; just use Samsung DeX.

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A fair tower defence game that really does come across as a mobile game ported to desktop. I got it free from Epic, which is the only thing making me not completely trash this thing.

Fair, with flaws.

  • Supports ultrawide in so far as it paints a design outside of its normal widescreen aspect ratio.

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disambiguation: Apples, the food.

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That's nice. The operating system itself is garbage, and the applications are junk. The interface is complicated and clumsy and slow. This, in comparison with Winblows, is pretty bad.

Much of this page is very dated. For more recent stuff, see macOS

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