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Why is it even titled that?
Why is it even titled that?

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A team investigates the killing of genetics researchers by their secret laboratory's artificial intelligence, learning it had a good reason to do so.

Quite good, even after its era. It does not show much age except for one monster. This movie headed the resurrection of the zombie movie sub-genre.

TODO - To watch with commentary and all the bonus material.

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The Art of War cover

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A military treatise summing up the military experiences prior to and during the mid-Warring States period (475 BC - 221 BC).

Two editions of translations were released, and this publication includes everything:

  1. The 15 chapters of part 1 released in 1985
  2. The additional chapter released in 1985
  3. The 15 chapters from 1975's Part II, which were excised for that 1985 edition.

If this is what I think it is, then I first read this as The Second Art of War and found it a much better read than its predecessor. I was never able to find a book with that title.

  • aka Sun Bin: The Art of War
  • This is a two-book hardcover which also has the original/earlier The Art of War - (~476 BC book), by Sunzi
  • Published 2000-01-01
  • ISBN-10 7119024124
  • ISBN-13 978-7119024127
  • Note: I've read the author died in 310 BC, and I haven't seen a more accurate date for this book.

    • p.21 - Sunzi and Sun Bin lived more than 160 years apart.
  • Sun Bin (孫臏 · 孙膑)

    • Historians came to call him "Qi Sunzi" (Master Sun of Qi).

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Iron Fist - (2017- television show) image

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The son of a billionaire family survives them in a plane crash in the Himalayas, and returns after being raised by monks only to find their ancient enemies throughout his old home and business. Basically Marvel's Batman.

At first I was going to ignore this series, because the Iron Fist trailer made it look like utter trash, but the YUR A WHITE MALE "mainstream liberal media" response made me interested.

Even though the superhero genre is generally tiring, this show is well worth watching, and its response is a beautiful example of fake news manufactured by "social" "justice".

Versus - (2000 movie) image

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In a forest where any who die rise as zombies, an escaped convict does something something.

I got 1/3 in and got bored. It's too over-the-top.

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Collections of science fiction short stories, curated by.. people I don't know and who have no authority in my mind. They came into being pre-internet and still cling to relevancy.

I was excited to find these, but their stories are hit-and-miss.

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