4 comments on “Linux console text editors (almost) all suck

  1. Good to hear that you've given it a try. I'm open to all constructive feedback, so if you could give anyway, that would be great. Either the tracker or IRC would do. It sounds like you ran into a less than pleasant "out of the box experience". I'm interested to hear the main complaints, so I can improve Diakonos. Thanks again for trying it.

  2. Hi there. You may be interested in Diakonos diakonos.pist0s.ca/) which aims to be the most user-friendly console text editor available for Linux. It is several years old, and uses all the common user shortcuts like the ones you mentioned.

    • Actually I've known about your program since 0.8.3/2007-07-25, and I tested 0.8.8 on 2009-04-25. =)

      I've been a big fan of Ruby, and I looked very hard for Ruby editors, so that when I learn more Ruby I could also hack the program. An editor is the very most important interface a programmer has to their computer. Well.. the keyboard and screen are important too..

      According to my (very cruel) notes, Diakonos has gone from "SO UNBELIEVABLY CUMBERSOME" to "just too clumsy", so there's been good improvement. =) I will look at it again.

      I spent a lot of time going through configuration and I took a lot of notes, so the next time I try it I can be very thorough. I remember that I had some issues with xterm and things like home/end with Diakonos and some other programs and so I've changed it to LXDE's LXTerminal for now. I may change again to Sakura, and then I can re-test programs like yours. I think that was my one huge annoyance with it. Well, that and I had to do a lot of configuration for things I think should be defaults. But at least configuration only has to be done once.

      By the way, a long time ago I had a series of ideas, issues and questions I made for your old tracker, but I see that you've moved it.


      When I do re-test, I'll specifically look through and re-test that old stuff and I'll re-submit tickets if they're still valid.

      For now, I'm still using nano, and at the GUI I have mousepad/leafpad and medit.

      2017-02-05 - Issues must have been moved to https://github.com/Pistos/diakonos/issues
      * The old issues are at http://web.archive.org/web/20090307105357/http://linis.purepistos.net/ticket/list/Diakonos

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