2 comments on “Freax volume 1 - (2005 book), by Tamas Polgar

  1. Oh my. I am glad you liked my work. Too bad it was printed in such a haste and the first part (the Commodore 64) was messed up: the draft was printed instead of the final text... Otherwise it has an almost finished second volume. I really lost motivation when some assholes started attacking me on the demoscene and called me rude things because my political views. Some of them were people who I thought are friends... Someday I may finish Volume 2, which is about the PC, the Atari and smaller platforms. Cheers!

    • Hi!

      Yes, this book definitely has a place on my shelf. I'm still sad I dropped it and dented a corner.

      Motivation is a huge thing. Just the other day I wrote a followup note at the top of "On the death of software, and it's programmers"
      .. regarding the value of motivation.

      I'm also working on my own book, but the ties for a small author into social networking are now so tight that I'm not sure how to deal with the people out there, especially those who aren't readers of the genre or wouldn't even buy the book.

      It's important that you finish the work one way or another, because we're losing more and more, if only to fading memories. I was never a part of the demoscene, but I was a (late-entering) consumer. Demos are why computers became so elevated for me.

      I've been saving offline resources for writing and publishing, and I can make that a priority project if e-book and on-demand printing resources would help in any way.

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