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  1. Hello! Let me give some comments about some of your notes:
    - black background with blue text is given only for currently played song selection (two cursors are merged together), select another item and you'll get
    - some of the formats require to render and drop sound data to move ahead, so it can be very sloooow (e.g. SID)
    - cmdline behavior is tuneable
    - ctrl+tab successfully works (checked on ubuntu)

    P.S. What the problems do you have with zxtune123? It uses the same code as zxtune-qt or zxtune-android.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      - What do you mean the cmdline is tuneable? I see `zxtune123 --help` (and zxtune123_en.txt), but is there anything for `zxtune-qt` ?
      - I have added a test case for control-tab
      - For testing SID songs, `zxtune-qt` gives correct audio but `zxtune123` does not. I can recognize the song, but it is slower and there is a high-pitched and static-"echo"

      I don't really care about zxtune123 because I won't need to use it.

      • - check out File -> Preferences ->Interface. No cmdline options, only files to play. Also a bit outdated help is available by F1
        - looks like playlist content steals ctrl+tab focus. I'll take a look
        - could you please collect debug logs for zxtune123 to investigate? E.g.:

        $ ZXTUNE_DEBUG_LOG='*' ./zxtune123 --alsa device=Default file1.sid file2.sid 2>zxtune.log

        and then share me somehow zxtune.log

  2. You still didn't enabled alsa at all... Please, use provided cmdline (pay attention for parameter after --alsa key).

    BTW, I don't know WTF with your build - such behavior should't happen at all!. I'm not sure are you using genuine binary. I've tried to download devuan iso you mentioned and there're no any zxtune package inside...

    Anyway, thank you for assistance, it's very important for me to get useful feedback, even negative:)

    P.S. I've tried to put there link for the most fresh zxtune build, but your spam policy has rejected the post:( If you are interested, let me know any way to share it for you.

    • I have added a few more notes above. I tried to be very exact.

      I need a small break, but I will return to try to troubleshoot further. I still don't know how to use zxtune123 properly, so I will have to read.


      There is no native Devuan package. I downloaded it and am using it directly. Maybe I should use the Ubuntu version.

      I did not know my spam policy was so aggressive. I see no way to change that. I checked, and my anti-spam plugin has now become premium! I will have to investigate.

      For a more recent build, you can email me directly at spiralofhope at gmail dot com

      I am pleased to help a developer!

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