2 comments on “Twinkle

  1. Hi spiralofhope,

    whoever you are (not) ;),

    your remarks about Twinkle and Kaddressbook are *** EXACTLY *** what I was searching for a bloody while this evening because I simply couldn't find any docs about kaddressbook's external script-hooks.

    So you're my hero, at least for today :-)

    BTW: Where did YOU find this piece of information that %N is a variable for the phone #? Any existing docs I've missed?

    So thank you very, very, very much for sharing parts of your brain with us,

    kind regards,

    • I'm glad to hear you've found some use out of my old notes.

      I have no idea where I got %N from. I don't recall that it was an adventure to learn that. Perhaps my VoIP provider had usage notes.

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