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The Scorpion King (2002) poster

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A bounty hunter from an extinct tribe is hired to undermine the power of an evil king, but the woman he is meant to kill is hot, and complicates things.

As long as it is taken for what it is, it will be entertaining. It is an action movie through and through, and must not be taken as having much of a link to a historical past. It's not serious, and not meant to be. It's packed with action, has a reasonable story and its lead character is spectacular.

A lot of people would take this as a direct prequel or spiritual prequel to The Mummy Returns - (2001 movie), but that perspective must not be kept in mind!


At its face, this movie does not have anything similar except for a prequel "birth of a supervillain". Therein is the problem.

The Mummy Returns has a dislikeable (and uncannily-rendered) villain, while The Scorpion King has a likeable lead character.

To link the two movies would require a likeable character, whose victory takes an entire movie to come to fruition, to become evil for a terrible character in a terrible movie.

It takes a twisted mind to take a nice character from a later and good movie to somehow tie it to a bad character from an earlier and terrible movie. Don't have this perspective in mind. Don't try. Sever all ties between these two movies, and enjoy this movie as a separate universe.

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The Viking Sagas (1995) image

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A prince struggles to avenge his father and free his country.

While watchable, it's not particularly impressive. It's not that it's old, or B-movie or anything like that. It's reasonable, but feels, somehow, "poor". Not poor as in bad, but poor as in without wealth. It's simple. Other than that, I have no complaints other than the lead character has a thick German accent. Like seriously thick. Like what the fuck were you thinking, thick. It's like The 13th Warrior - (1999 movie) which had one guy with a crazy Irish accent.

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