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Poetry, I hate you so so was added. I woke up this morning ranting to myself about how much I hate poetry. I decided to write down what I could. It's actually tough to do this. It may shock you to learn that I am a far superior speaker than I am a writer, but writing does allow a kind of refining. You won't find any refining in that piece. It's just my vomiting in print. =)

But even my most unsophisticated scrawling is still better than poetry. Way better.

Poetry is like gang tagging where real writing is colourful graffiti.

Poetry is like a drunk on a corner where real writing is a jazz musician.

Poetry is like a bum asking for change where real writing is a kid helping an old lady cross the street.

Poetry is the gum sticking to your shoe. Real writing is your shoes.

Poetry is the beach flip-flops of footwear. In comparison to writing it is like wearing that same footwear to a black tie affair.

God I hate poetry. I hate it all. I want to pinch it, it angers me so.